Virogenix Lab

The Virogenix Corporation under the guidance of Dr. Lilian Bloodworth is developing a new Viral Delivery System that will allow the safe transportation and release of a virus that is capable of modifying the hosts DNA. According to Dr. Bloodworth, this is groundbreaking and revolutionary science that will change the world by ending hunger, poverty and disease. It could even be the beginning of longer life free from the effects of aging. Virogenix is now recruiting for their lab located in the Vero Beach.

This is truly an escape room worth trying. It combines immersive story telling along with special sound, video, and lighting effects to create an atmosphere that will help you forget you are playing a game. All clues are delivered within the stories theme making for an uninterrupted and cohesive story.

This multi-room game contains thousands of feet of wiring, 56 channels of special effect and lighting, multichannel sound and custom engineered software to bring you one of the most immersive sets we have ever built.

Clues are fun and challenging without being impossible. Book you visit today for Virogenix Lab by Escape Room Vero Beach by visiting our website at EscapeRoomVeroBeach.com. Please like our Facebook page.





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