Virogenix Lab

$25 per Person 1 hour

Who is behind the disastrous mishaps at Virogenix Corp? Was it sabotage or was it an inevitable consequence? Virogenix Lab is a multi chapter immersive experience that will challenge even the most experienced gamer as well as being slightly forgiving to new ones.

  Ages 10+   $25 per Person
  Moderate   Up to 10 People

You MUST arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation. Late arrivals will not be admitted. NO REFUNDS.

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Chapter I: The Beginning of the End

Virogenix Corp is dedicated to transforming life by ending hunger, slowing the aging process and eliminating poverty and disease. As a new hire at Virogenix Lab, you have been assigned to the Special Projects Division to help Dr. Bloodworth develop and test her new Viral Delivery System. She says, “It’s going to change the world.” What could possibly go wrong, you ask? Not everyone shares her vision of the future. Protests are taking place around the world and one group has vowed to stop Virogenix Corp from releasing its genetically modified viruses into the world, no matter what the cost. After a seemingly accidental contamination of the lab you must find a way to eradicate the virus before time runs out and the lab and all its contents are incinerated.

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